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Sister Mary Dracula on Facebook
Just when you thought bullying, abuse, agony, misery and torment couldn't get any funnier: Sister Mary Dracula: One Bad Habit! A new Sister Mary strip posted on Facebook every Monday!

The Gravity Poster
The near-legendary Gravity Poster is now available in eight languages and on a wide variety of merchandise. Check out our online store! Makes great gifts for lawyers, science teachers, pilots and students!

Goo and Roo
A comic strip about two angels who get booted out of heaven, Goo, the cockeyed optimist, and Roo, the disagreeable curmudgeon. God decides they need a little field work on Earth to toughen them up!

Mooney's Modules
These cartoons were created for Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine back in Ye 20th Centurie. They are appearing here for the first time since then, and you can get them printed on a variety of merchandise!

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2008 Reubens Weekend

Frank Frazetta Museum

"By George" Cartoonists Luncheons

The Octagon House

One Night in NoDa